A Discussion about Hemorrhoid Care

Hemorrhoid care and treatment are equally important to heal it quickly. Hemorrhoids causes great discomfort and irritation. The hemorrhoid is a condition in which the veins in the and around anus are inflamed and extremely swollen. However taking proper care of hemorrhoids can reduce the severity of symptoms. When an individual suffers with hemorrhoid there is nothing in the mind except how to get relief from this embarrassing situation causing itching, pain and irritation. Though there are numerous treatment options available to treat this disease, but it is vital to take care of the symptoms right starting from your home. There is no better option than self care to heal hemorrhoids quickly and safely.

Hemorrhoid care – Getting the right treatment.

These days several kinds of treatments are available on the market which works great on the disease and relieves the patient from pain and itching. Thus apart from appropriate treatment, hemorrhoid care is required to get rid of this embarrassing disease. Hemorrhoids can be cured easily, but needs little bit care and attention in accordance with treatment. However, hemorrhoids can be treated with over the counter medications and with some creams and ointments but in some severe cases surgery is required and doctors usually recommend it in the last stage. The treatment varies from person to person and depends on the severity of the case. Hence it is necessary to choose the right treatment option in due time to get the best possible results in short time.

Hemorrhoid care- self care treatment for Hemorrhoids

There are some simple self care tips that should be followed at home to alleviate the symptoms. These home self care measures are ideal for mild cases and should be implied at an early stage.

Clean hygiene- Take a bath everyday and ensure that anal area should be cleaned with warm water. Keeping the area dry will reduce the symptoms itchiness and irritation.
Use mild and gentle soaps to clean the affected area.
Apply an ice pack on the anal area to soothe from painful swelling.
Tea tree oil contains antibiotic properties. Thus it helps to heal hemorrhoid quickly. Mix a drop of tea oil with vitamin E oil and apply with a clean cotton applicator.
Avoid intense abdominal exercises.
Drink enough water and a diet containing fluid item. It will relieve you from constipation and heals hemorrhoids quickly.
Add fiber to your diet. You can get fiber supplements easily from departmental stores.
Food rich in fiber offers many benefits. Fiber softens the stool and helps in healing and preventing swollen hemorrhoids.
Constipation lessens the pressure on the anus and rectum, thus reducing bleeding, discomfort and swelling caused by hemorrhoids.

It is well said that prevention is better than cure. With clean hygiene and intake of healthy and balance diet containing all essential nutrients will prevent and reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is a cause of bleeding with bowel movement, but sometimes bleeding may be a cause of tumor or infection, hence it is essential to contact the doctor to know the exact reason of bleeding as soon as it is noticed and hemorrhoid care should be your utmost preference while treating this disease.